Jag har varit och handlat på Lush, och nu skall jag bada, eftersom jag städat iordning badrummet!

Men vad skall man pröva först?
Black Pearl
The Black Pearl is a dark, mysterious Ballistic named in honour of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. (We like Johnny Depp and we reckon Orlando Bloom’s not bad either.) It is studded with crystals of sea salt and scented with lavender and blackcurrant. Inside each one there’s a wise saying, a ”pearl of wisdom” to enlighten you in your search for treasure.

Ma Bar
Originally our toffee and chocolate scented Ma Bar was meant to be for Mothers Day then to disappear for ever. The screams of disappointment were so loud that we would either have had to stuff our ears with cotton wool for ever (inconvenient) or bring it back. Option two made everyone happy, except the people whose job it is to put the sugar lump in the middle by hand. We make them happy by allowing them to eat one or two.

The comforter
Wraps you in a fluffy pink blanket of blackberry bubbles to keep you safe and warm.

hmmmm… svårt att välja….

Blacberry bath ballistic
seasoned with a smattering of frankincense, traditionally used to relieve nervous tension, calm stress and to help you cut ties with the past. Use our happy blackberry bombs in the morning to blow away sad thoughts and launch you into a bright new day full of unlimited potential.

Honey Bee
A little honey of a bath treat. Contains, of course, lots of honey that moisturises and heals the skin; and soothing aloe vera and rhassoul mud to deep cleanse and balance. You will recognise the smell from the ultra-mouth-watering Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Ma Bar Bubble Bar Slice. If you like the warm smell of honey mixed with caramelised sugar then you have to have one of these for your bath.

Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossom. This pretty pink ballistic is dappled with bursts of pale green that rise up to a bright pink and green layer of exfoliating sea salt at the top of the bomb. Will soothe any stress away by encapsulating the feeling of cherry blossom falling softly in a gentle breeze, scented with mimosa, jasmine and orange blossom.

Bright pink, spearminty and full of surprises to bring a tingle to your whole body.Crumble under running bath water for mounds of fragrant bubbles.(Contains a peppermint tea bag – but don’t be tempted to drink the bathwater.)

Creamy candy
The Creamy Candy Bath may be used by two kinds of people. The first lot are those who love everything pink, fluffy and sweet. They will adore you for giving them one of these skin softening, vanilla scented bars. The second bunch are the dour, dismal, cynical, sarcastic lot who could really do with a dose of pink fluffiness in their lives. You may have to run a bath for them and sneak this in secretly to get them to use one. If you’re a pink fluffy person, get some of these because you’ll love them. If you’re a dismal, sarcastic pain in the neck then please do us all a favour and use a few of these to give us a break.


1 Response to “baaaaaada!”

  1. 1 Sylvia januari 16, 2007 kl. 7:45 f m

    Hei! Så leit med din katt! Det er alltid trist når dyr dør.
    Håper du fremdeles er med på TEMA ukene hos meg.
    Denne uka er det prikker………!


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